New You, True You


And along with the Sprit, a voice: “This is my Son, chosen and marked by my love, delight of my life.”

(Matt. 3:17)

A self-aware person is often very intuitive. They have an uncommon depth of insight into social, political and economic affairs that will sometimes confuse others. Their advanced ability to discern people and situations are not easily influenced by what’s happening around them or what others are saying.

Awareness gives you the incredible ability to distinguish when there’s someone or something that’s misaligned in your environment. Many people call this intuition. It’s something that we all have but different experiences and social deconditioning have caused many to become desensitized to it over time.


We frequently feel that tug or that nudge in our gut, that we call a gut feeling, but we ignore or push past it under the guise of giving the benefit of the doubt. It’s true that we shouldn’t judge or make hasty decisions, however, when doubt shows up, it’s a signal that something is missing or isn’t right. More information is needed so you ask questions of yourself, God, and those involved until you have peace in your gut before making that decision or taking any action regarding that person or situation.

Self-Awareness is the ability to know who you are intrinsically and understand your uniqueness apart from others. It’s about understanding your character and feelings, motives and desires, what excites and ignites you and what depresses and suppresses you. When you are self-aware, you become a positive contributor to your world because you are comfortable in your own skin. It’s personal, spiritual and emotional development.


When people pursue an identity apart from God, it leads to confusion.   (Dr. Caroline Leaf)

Module 1 - The Basics

When you know who you are, it helps you to make the right choices for yourself and your life. Knowing who you are includes knowing your core values - those deeply held beliefs that are non-negotiable. Your core values authentically describe your soul and undergird your purpose and destiny.

We are designed with certain warning systems, or red flags to know when things are out of alignment in our lives. These may manifest in the form of discomfort, or uneasiness, but however they do, it is a signal that we are not flowing in our TRUE YOU. Pay attention to the uneasiness – it indicates that you are outside of your love zone. Tap into it and begin to ask the Lord to help you come back to centre.

When you function out of the love zone, or your TRUE YOU, you start to create toxicity in your life. Finding the TRUE YOU is learning to love yourself first and knowing that you are a uniquely created being. If you don’t love yourself, you cannot love others. Finding your TRUE YOU isn’t a one-time exercise. This is the beginning of a lifelong journey of growth and development.

Let's start this journey with you completing this basic questionnaire as a foundation for the rest of the program:

  1. What’s your favourite colour?

  2. What’s your favourite food?

  3. What’s your favourite model of car?

  4. What’s your favourite movie?

  5. What’s your favourite song?

  6. What’s your favourite restaurant?

  7. What’s your favourite hobby?

  8. Who is your favourite person?

  9. What’s your favourite way to relax?

  10. Where is your favourite place?

  11. What’s your favourite sport or fun activity?

  12. What places would you like to visit?

  13. What activities would you like to do?

  14. What’s your favourite flower?

  15. What’s your favourite perfume?

  16. What makes you happy?

  17. What makes you sad?

  18. What drains your energy?

  19. What gives you energy?

  20. Are you comfortable being by yourself?

  21. Are you comfortable in crowds?

  22. What are the things that you cannot, or will not, tolerate?

  23. What will you tolerate?

  24. What are the non-negotiable things in your life? (These are your core values).

  25. What are your fears and frustrations?

  26. What are your dreams and aspirations?

  27. Do you change or modify your attitude or personality to fit in with others?

  28. Do you find it easy to speak your truth, and respect others' truths?

  29. Do you like yourself? Why or why not?

  30. What do you like about yourself? Why?

  31. What don’t you like about yourself? Why?

  32. How can you change it?


Find a quiet place to meditate.

  • Ask God to reveal anything about you that is not true and remove it.

  • Ask Him to help you find the things that will lead you to your TRUE YOU.

  • What does that person look like?

  • What changes do you need to make in your life to reflect the TRUE YOU?