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Thrive with confidence, personally and professionally, by taking back your power, owning your truth, clarifying your vision and making the right decisions for your life.

Are you ready to start making bigger and bolder life decisions confidently?

     Do you feel like there's a wall between where you are and where you desire to be?

     Do you feel like it's time to do something new or different but don't know where to begin?

     Your career isn't fulfilling anymore and you want to start your own business?

     Are you feeling worn out from occupational or other life pressures?

    You know it's time for a change, but you're wondering if it's the right time or the right move.

    You're at a crossroads and simply don't know what to do next, so you do nothing. 

    Fear of the unknown keeps you immobilized.


    You keep wondering - What if...or Maybe I should...

If you can relate to any of these, then this course is for you!

Crystal Clarity will help you take your life out of neutral and put it into overdrive by giving you the strategies you need to take bold action to move forward. 

If you feel you're ready for that next move, then start your journey right here. I'm waiting to take it with you.

Course Curriculum

1. Module 1: Course Introduction                        3 mins

2. Module 2: Who is the course for?                   2 mins

3. Module 3: Unpack The Load                          10 mins

4. Module 4: Values Clarification                       10 mins

5. Module 5: Charting Your Course                   15 mins

6. Module 6: Clarifying Your Story                      6 mins

7. Module 7: The Power of Your Choices            5 mins

8. Module 8: The Wrap Up                                    2 mins


Taught by: Karlene A. Millwood, MBA

Entrepreneur and Leadership Strategist


Learn more about Karlene HERE 

Or work with me one-on-one in our intensive personal development program where you will learn to gain mastery over your life transitions, and build the confidence to boldly step into your next.

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