Are you a corporate professional who is thinking of taking the leap into entrepreneurship? You're not alone!

People like you are leaving the corporate world and launching out to start their own businesses every day, and finding the fulfillment that they truly desire.

But you should know...

Entrepreneurship is as frustrating as it is fulfilling and too often we are given false perceptions of what it takes to function as an entrepreneur.


It's not as simple as if you build it they will come. What if they don't come? Then you're left holding the bag and this is where it gets frustrating for many early-stage entrepreneurs.


So they hesitate to take the leap for these reasons based on these major fears:

  • Losing the financial security

  • Being criticized by friends and family

  • Stepping into uncertainty

  • Failing to succeed

  • Not enough experience or support

At KMI we help you jump over these hurdles and get you to the finish line without overwhelm.

Discover the winning formula for turning your pain into power by creating a thriving business in our E.O.F. Mentorship Program.

Become unstoppable by:

Developing Your Business Mindset

Shifting Your Money Mindset

Developing the Right Strategies to Start and Grow Your New Enterprise

Finding Your Axis of Genius

Packaging and Monetizing Your Brilliance


Identifying and Connecting With Your Ideal Clients

Creating A Lifestyle Based on Your Passions

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Mentorship That Moves You!

Mentorship is one of the three most important tools for modern entrepreneurs who are on the cutting edge of innovating new business strategies and offerings. Join the leaders and go where you have never gone before!


The program was structured and well organized. It's a useful business tool for new and aspiring entrepreneurs. Program material was excellent including the guest mentors.

Eyitemi (Tony) Omatseyin (Nigeria)

The Masterclass was well organized and I enjoyed the self-discovery exercises. I liked that you leveraged science and spirituality in relation to speaking positively about ourselves, which I found fascinating. I always learn such valuable info from your courses.

V. Le


I actually started my own virtual administrative support business back in May. Your session with AAP in November really inspired me. I want to thank you for sharing your story.

Nordene Stacy

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Leadership and Business Strategist

As Founder and CEO of Karlene Millwood International, Karlene helps her clients gain mastery over obstacles to take their business from idea to production by boosting their confidence and helping them to strategize a clear vision and action plan