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Module 1 - Branding

Everything starts with a vision. Without a vision, people cast off restraint. Your vision is your global positioning system (GPS) that guides you along the journey to your desired destination. Where are you headed?


You can do the 12-step vision breakdown in the Empowered To Thrive Program where we do more in-depth work on your character development to strengthen your personal, business, and relational strategies and confidence for success.

What's the vision for your brand?

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Branding and Marketing -

Your personal and business brand is the way that you distinguish yourself and your business from others. Your brand will make a memorable impression on your customers and help them understand the distinctive aspects of your business so they can make an informed decision to choose your offering.

Branding is more than colours, logos and catchy business names. Your brand design should shape your consumers' perception of your business's quality and character through aesthetics, advertising, reputation, excellence of service, and social responsibility. These may not be all encompassing but are the most relevant aspects to keep in mind as you develop your brand identity.

Branding is critical to your business. It is one of the engines that drive customer acquisition, enhance customer perception, and increase brand value when it is done the right way. The converse also holds true. So keep this in mind as you work through the exercises below to start developing your brand.