Lionesses Rising

Leadership & Empowerment Conference

These people rise up like a lioness, like a majestic lion rousing itself...

Women are the backbone of society and the strength of nations. They are bold, courageous, strong and resilient. Deprived of their rights in the past, women refused to be victimized and have their voices stifled.


They are dauntless and intrepid heroes to their families, peers and communities who have risen up with power like a lioness going after prey.

They are confident, formidable and unstoppable. They make their voices heard and their presence felt at the 1st annual KMI Leadership and Empowerment Conference. 

This conference is designed to take you out of your comfort zone to operate in new realms of knowledge for personal and professional development through:

  • Networking with experts and peers

  • Gaining insight beyond your field of interest

  • Expanding your knowledge and finding solutions

Be prepared to stretch and be transformed.

**Men, we love you and welcome your attendance and participation in this International Women's Month event.

Proceeds from this conference go towards the KMI Scholarship Fund serving high school students in Jamaica.

I am proud to introduce these accomplished leaders as your instructors for the day:

Wednesday, 10th March 2021

2:00 PM to 6:00 PM

Dani Kagan & Victoria Marshman


As the Co-Founders of City MOGULS, they bring together the entrepreneurial community through a multitude of programs and experiences. The UofT grads founded City MOGULS in 2015 to unite and celebrate innovative and philanthropic entrepreneurs to inspire great leaders. Their signature event, The MOGUL Awards, celebrates the top 20 Canadian entrepreneurs in a unique fashion show to support Canadian causes. To date they have raised almost $200k to support Canadian at-risk youth.


The City MOGULS community has recently expanded to provide educational resources, online programs, like their accelerator program MOGUL Crews, and a brand new membership program to support early-stage entrepreneurs to launch them to the next phase of their journey. They are proud to be supporting thousands of entrepreneurs across Canada and the globe! As retired professional dancers, both Dani and Victoria teach competitive dance to kids in their spare time and share a love of fitness, the outdoors, great wine, and of course, leadership. 

Faith Greaves

Humanitarian, Philanthropist and Activist

Faith’s community engagement strategy to develop abundant communities has stemmed from her personal sense of stewardship of creating them in her own backyard. From organizing bread drives out of her home to participating on city advisory boards, Faith has connected and engaged with people from all walks of life. Faith listens, and when asked, has acted as an advocate to bring forward individuals' lived experiences.

Their experiences led Faith to walk in her entrepreneurial calling by establishing the Mozia brand.  The brand, Mozia Women's Network Society, includes five platforms that empower women,  children, youth, family and seniors through life skills training and development,  arts, culture, and socioeconomically.


During the surge of Covid19, Faith felt challenged to establish the Mozia Professional Business Centre that enables business owners to thrive, meet and network without additional overhead costs.

Mukkove Johnson

Author, Spiritual Mentor and Emotional Health Coach

Growing up with childhood emotional neglect profoundly impacted Mukkove's life and relationships. Her mission is to see women become emotionally and spiritually healthy so they can fulfill their God-designed purpose and raise up a generation equipped for their place in history.

Mukkove’s approach combines her experience and training in Spirit-led prayer, life coaching, and Childhood Emotional Neglect Recovery for deep, lasting transformation in her coaching. She lives in Alaska with her husband of 27 years and their 4 children. Three young adults and a toddler.  Mess to Majesty, Let God Love You in Your Mess is her latest book.

Learn more about Mukkove at

Carla Hemans-Harper

Self-Discovery Coach

Carla Hemans is a Self-Discovery Coach who helps people make the transition from being stuck to determining their goals by using introspection and exploring their values. A mother of three, Carla started her coaching business in 2018 to help other people ages 14 years old and up deal with the overwhelming pressures of life. Prior to coaching, Carla spent over ten years volunteering, working in the corporate world and diving deep into various self-reflection assessments. Today Carla offers a wide range of programs and services - from individual coaching to workshops and speeches. To contact Carla, please visit her website

Lynda Sohal

Law Enforcement Officer, Health and Wellness Coach

Backed by a successful 10-year Corporate career in City Politics, and a 21+ year operational Policing career, this 53 years YOUNG, sassy lady is no stranger to working amongst the proverbial big “boys clubs”, from boardrooms to the battlefields of our inner-city streets, like a BADASS.


Lynda's moral compass has always been a servant leadership heart, as she organically dedicated 35 years of selfless community service, fighting for the underdog, those less fortunate and especially at-risk youth advocacy.

Behind every strong woman is a resiliency story, Lynda’s is no different.  Surviving her first 21 years fuelled by repeated trauma and violence, she found herself broken, defeated, defenceless, hopeless and weak. Strongly rooted and determined in her fight to survive adversity, this LIONESS saw no other choice, but to STAND UP, and RISE UP in hope. 

Karlene A. Millwood, MBA

Founder, KMI, Author, Leadership Strategist

Karlene Millwood is a best-selling author, international keynote speaker, and award-winning leadership strategist with a focus on diversity and inclusion in gender inequities and next-level leadership development. She has published three independent books plus two collaborations. Her most recent book is titled, Self-Perception in Gender Inequities and Career Advancement for Minority Women.

Karlene is a well-rounded leader, having managed corporate teams, co-chaired the Women’s Internal Support Network (WISN) at the Toronto Police Service for two years and led the women’s ministry at church for another year and a half. Karlene was featured on Power 106 FM radio in Jamaica and received an Award of Recognition in 2013 from the Kendal All Age School on that island.  She was a 2014 nominee for the Ontario Women in Law Enforcement (OWLE) Community Service Award. She is the recipient of the IWB 2020 Leadership Award and a 2020 Woman of Inspiration designated by the Universal Women’s Network.