Four Strategies For Female Leaders

Updated: Jul 13, 2021

“One disturbing finding…is that women managers are more likely than their male peers to be either single or divorced. This confirms that there is a price to be paid for women to advance to senior leadership positions with the current career models.” (Karlene Millwood)

This is an excerpt from my latest book, Self-Perception In Gender Inequities And Career Advancement For Minority Women, available on the Resources page on this site.

On the other hand, some women who advance into senior positions acquire what some call the Queen Bee Syndrome. This is when a strong female leader treats other women poorly as she rises to positions of power and authority.

They haven’t learned to apply the art of empathy and grace in their leadership. Mutual respect is necessary as I share below in my 4 Methodologies For Female Leaders.

1. Clarify your vision and mission Understanding who you are called to serve and what you are called to do is an important level in your leadership story. You won’t have all the answers at the start, but it becomes clearer the more you step out and take on the different challenges along the way.

Intimate knowledge of yourself, your strengths and weaknesses empower you to lead authentically. It’s a whole new level of freedom from which to operate.

2. Demonstrate bold humility

Boldly rise to the challenge of leadership. Don’t hold back. Choose your environment carefully because it will impact your opportunities and ability to lead effectively.

Is there mutual respect between leader and followers?

Can you speak up openly and freely?

You are not obligated to stay in oppressive or abusive environments.

Are your values and beliefs in alignment with those around you? If yes, that’s fantastic. If not, decide if that’s the right place for you. Can you honestly support those around you with differing values and beliefs?

3. Embrace An Abundance Mindset

To think otherwise is to place limitations on yourself. As you rise as a leader, ensure that you are treating those coming up behind you with respect and empathy. Use your influence, knowledge and wisdom to create healthy environments to serve and for others to learn and grow.

4. Get Comfortable With Being Different

Being a non-conformist is the definition of leadership in my opinion. We don’t have to lean into everything. We can choose to opt-out of some things without entertaining other people’s judgements.

This requires emotional intelligence and strength. Set the necessary boundaries and don’t make excuses.

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