It's Never Too Late

Updated: Dec 2, 2019

So here I am today, eighty-five years old! 11 I am still as strong today as the day Moses sent me out; I’m just as vigorous to go out to battle now as I was then. 12 Now give me this hill country that the Lord promised me that day. (Numbers 14: 10b-12a NIV).

How old is too old to do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do but never got around to? You know that thing that has been burning in your heart all these years? Try as you might you can’t let go of it because every time you push it away, it just keeps coming back.

I am very passionate about helping people to discover their true identity and understand that they have a purpose for being alive in this time. First and foremost we were created to glorify God. God created human beings as his children and gave them dominion, or rulership, over the earth. Adam and Eve forfeited their royal heritage and power when they sinned in the Garden of Eden after being deceived by satan. This act of rebellion interrupted God’s divine plan, disconnected humanity from God and put the earth and themselves on a downward spiral. You can read the story in the book of Genesis chapters one to three.

God’s plan was interrupted, not aborted, and so he sent the second Adam in the form of Jesus the Christ to redeem, or buy back, humanity and restore our connection to the Heavenly father. That is why those who accept Christ as Lord and Saviour are called sons, or children, of God. This is our primary purpose – to be like Christ in the earth.

Each of us also has a secondary purpose that we fulfill using our innate gifts and talents. Therefore, that thing that you are so passionate about, but haven’t found the time to cultivate, may be the very thing that you were put on earth to accomplish. I hear many people say, “I’ve always wanted to do…” or “I’ve always thought of being a [fill in the blank], but I’m too old now.” Too old? Says who?

In the book of Numbers in the Old Testament, Moses sent out twelve spies to scope out Canaan, the place where they would live when they left the wilderness. Ten of the spies brought back a negative report of what the land was like and how they may fare when they arrived. Caleb countered with his own report, a positive one. He was forty years old then and felt that he was able to take on any giant that they saw in the land.

Later on, when they were in Canaan and Joshua was dividing the land, Caleb demanded his share. In the leading scripture verse (above) Caleb was eighty-five years old and declared that he was just as strong as he was when he was forty and can take on any battle. Not only that, he asked for a mountain for him and his family to live. Did you get that? At eighty-five he was unafraid to traverse a mountain. So who’s feeding you lies about what you can’t do at your age? Step into the True You, your authentic self, then step out in faith.

It’s never too late to be what you might have been (George Eliot).

Your life goes in the direction of your thoughts so whether or not you think you can do something, that is what you will experience. Moses was eighty years old when God sent him back to Egypt to deliver the Israelites and Sarah was ninety when she gave birth to Isaac. Don’t let wrong perceptions of your age, or what you can do, stop you from birthing your own Isaac. It is never too late to pursue your dreams, or follow the passion of your heart. The question is do you have the will do it?

I recently heard the story of a man in the United States who recorded his first full length CD at the tender age of 79 years old. He had been playing music from a young age all throughout the country but only got his big break a few years ago at seventy-nine when most people would have already retired to Florida to play golf.

One of my favourite actors, Samuel Jackson was 43 years old when he landed his first major role in the film industry. Famed car designer, Henry Ford, was 45 when he created the Ford Model-T. Fashion designer Vera Wang was an accomplished figure skater and journalist. When she was turned down for an editing job she decided to become a designer at the age of 40. Harland Sanders, of Kentucky Fried Chicken fame, was 62 before he made the business into a successful franchise. So what’s your excuse?

Maybe you’ve faced obstacles over the years that have hindered or dissuaded you from going after your dream. But how late is too late? How old is too old to follow your heart? There is a point in time when you must realize that your biggest obstacle may be you, so get out of your own way. The Greater One lives on the inside of you and with Him all things are possible. There are no limits with God in Christ.

With no arms and no legs, Nick Vujicic founded two organizations. He travels the world as a motivational speaker and won a best actor award for his role in a short film. Albert Einstein didn’t speak until he was four, yet he went on to achieve incredible success as a scientist. Thomas Edison failed at least a thousand times before creating the first viable light bulb. So what’s stopping you?

Go ahead. Take the risk and jump into your destiny. As the old saying goes, it’s never too late for a shower of rain. Be bold. Go big, and be unstoppable.

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