Leaders and Stress

Anxiety and stress are always knocking at the door as you pursue your vision for life and business. Despite having a solid plan for daily activities, unforeseen situations can sometimes arise that throw things into disarray. In my years as a leader, I've learned that the greatest weapon against stress and anxiety is peace.

Anxiety and stress are usually caused by feelings of not being in control during difficult times. It could be a lack of:

· Finances

· Control over a work-related situation

· Answers to tensions or conflicts in a relationship

· Solutions to misunderstandings about a problem or situation

It could be any number of things.

In my previous blog post dealing with this subject, I talked about other major causes of stress and how I chose to manage them. With my permission, that article was recently published by the Association of Administrative Professionals (AAP) in their Fall 2020 Newsletter with the topic, Managing Stress.

Remember, there's only abundance in the universe. The problem only showed up because the solution already exists. The breakthrough is hidden within the problem, so what appears as lack is signalling you to tap into your potential to devise new life and business strategies to find the solution.

You may not be able to control the external stimuli, but you have complete control over your inner space. The way to conquer those erratic feelings brought on by anxiety that leads to stress is to activate your weapon of peace.

A confused or cluttered mind moves you away from the solution. You have to capture errant and negative thoughts and replace them with truth. What is the reality of the situation that you're facing? Do you have all the information? If not, how can you find what you need? Or, what can you do with what you have?

Your thoughts are distinct vibratory patterns that you send out into the atmosphere every day. They can travel instantaneously over thousands of miles and remain as an ever-present force in the universe that attracts and pulls to you substances of similar vibratory patterns. These patterns show up as the circumstances, answers, or situations that you experience daily. You receive what you believe, or you get what you allow.

Applying these simple steps can help you break the habitual responses to these times of uncertainties and tap into and understand the power of thought to direct your life outcomes.

First, identify the root of the problem, then think of the possible optimal solution. What's required to move beyond this or get the results that you need? What can you control right now? Then:

1. Step away – Remove yourself from the busyness or noise relating to the situation and find a quiet place where you can calm your spirit and silence your mind.

2. Pray (or meditate) about it – Trust the Divine Source, who I call God, to provide the answers to you. Listen deeply to the thoughts that are coming to you.

3. Document those thoughts.

4. Act on the ones that are in the best interests of everyone involved.

Take mastery over your inner world by wielding your weapon of peace to ward off the enemies of anxiety, stress and uncertainties and live life from a place of abundance, peace and renewed hope every day.