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Updated: Dec 2, 2019

The road to success is always under construction. Follow your own inner compass….

It’s already the middle of March. Time seems to be going by quickly, so I hope that you have been focused on achieving those goals and resolutions that you set at the beginning of the year. We are still in the first quarter of the New Year, so they should still be fresh in your mind.

We begin every new thing with the best of intentions; the New Year, new projects, new relationships, new business, but so often life gets in the way and throws us a curve ball. Your best laid plans and the best of your intentions can get interrupted by unforeseen forces, some of them beyond your control. What do you do when you are faced with those unplanned situations? Do you back off, throw in the towel and quit? Or do you look for solutions to the problem you are facing?

To illustrate, I use the example of driving with a Global Positioning System (GPS). You set out with a destination in mind, but along the way you find out that your planned route is blocked because of construction, an accident or other unplanned event. You wouldn’t just turn around and go home, you would try to figure out another route to your destination. When you deviate off the planned route, the GPS chimes in with its own instructions. “You have missed your turn, recalculating route.” Or, “Turn around whenever possible.” Whether you turn around to go back to the original route, or drive forward on an alternate route, the GPS recalibrates to find you the best and fastest route to your destination, but it never tells you to stop moving forward.

Case in point…

One day a group of friends left their home intent on achieving their goal. One of them was paralyzed and they heard of a guy who was healing people miraculously. The best part was that he was in their town. They decided to take their paralyzed friend to see this healer, but on arriving at the location, they realized that they could not get anywhere near him due to the massive crowd that had gathered to see him. Their entrance and access was blocked by a wall of people.

So what did they do? Instead of turning back or politely waiting in line outside the venue, they applied some unconventional problem solving strategies and found a solution that put them ahead of the crowd.

They couldn’t bring him to Jesus because of the crowd, so they dug a hole through the roof above his [Jesus’] head. Then they lowered the man on his mat, right down in front of Jesus. (Italics mine). (Mark 2:4 NLT)

When life throws us a curve ball we are sometimes tempted to walk away but we must decide if we are going to persevere or give up. Many people let go of their dreams, plans, projects and relationships because adversity rears its ugly head, but adversity is not meant to overpower you, you were designed to overcome it. Adversity is designed to improve your problem solving strategies, shift you into thinking at a higher level, and put your hidden potential on display.

Dr. Cindy Trimm says, “Unless you are put in a crisis, potential can never be birthed. In the middle of the crisis, God orchestrates a paradigm shift commensurate with your next season.”

The friends of the paralyzed man decided that they were not going home the way they came. This situation would not get the best of them. They were not satisfied with the present situation of their friend’s paralysis, nor the fact that it was almost impossible to see the healer by following conventional methods. So they put a demand on themselves, tapped into their hidden potential, pulled out a divine solution and got their desired result.

Seeing their faith, Jesus said to the paralyzed man, “My child, your sins are forgiven. Stand up, pick up your mat, and go home.” (Mark 2: 5, 11 NLT).

They persisted in attaining their goal and was successful. He that was paralyzed walked out completely healed into a new season, a brand new day, of his life.

A few weeks ago, I was at a conference where I heard a lady speak of this very thing. I so enjoy receiving divine confirmations. Her new business was growing and gaining momentum but she was suddenly faced with a life altering situation. She admitted that she was tempted to put things on hold for a while, but with the help of a loved one, she thought the situation through and found the right solution that worked to balance life and business for her.

What are you allowing to hinder your progress this year? Whatever it is, instead of accepting the status quo, purpose in your heart that this will be your most successful year. It is your year of success, progress and exponential increase, and nothing will stand in your way. Make the declaration that you are operating from a superior realm this year and be unstoppable. Recalibrate route if you must, but keep moving forward. Success is not an option, make it your destination.

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