Reflect, Reset, Recalibrate

Updated: May 4, 2020

By Lydia Chan

It is not an overstatement that the entire world is experiencing unprecedented change. Many facets of our society will be required to reflect, reset and recalibrate to move forward.

Since we are all leaders in different spheres of influence, it might be worthwhile to ponder on a few questions. Using a few industries as an example and start from the basics. Let’s consider:

Education: What kind of knowledge and skillsets do people need to prepare for the future? What kind of leadership training and development is required to prepare for future leaders? How would the current crisis affect the choice of careers of many parents and children?

Food Science: What kind of food categories should our families consume to strengthen our physical health? What are the products one should produce for optimizing health for human bodies and take care of the environment?

Healthcare: How should the healthcare system prepare for the future that respects individual privacy, choices and society as a whole? Who should be responsible for our health care system? How should sectors like medical supplies, health science, telecommunication innovate?

Retail/E-commerce: Would your shopping behavior and choices change? How would retailers respond to the change in consumer behavior?

Supply Chain: Are we forward-thinking enough? What is the best way to forecast demands to minimize disruptions to our supply? How should different industries work together?

Technology: All of the industries mentioned above are just a small handful of examples that will call for the invention of new technologies. Even things like clothing. Before the current lock-down, wrinkle-free clothing has been a popular item. What will be the next big thing?

A New Era of Innovation

There will be a groundswell of innovations emerging.

Even before COVID-19, the world already needs better solutions. The global economy needs a reset. Individual lives, businesses, and the system all need to be recalibrated. We all need solutions for a breakthrough.

Innovation is the value created as a result of the combination of inspiration, creativity, collaboration, financial resources, human equity and research.

There is also joy in the process of innovating when we tap into the creativity that our Creator has deposited in all of us. Anyone who wants to meet a felt need can innovate. Just look around and it is not difficult to see problems. We can turn them into opportunities. If you are a bible believer, Noah’s ark was invented and it was built for protection, provision, preservation and more.

Embedded in innovation is the entrepreneurship spirit as entrepreneurs are called to serve the society by providing solutions. A business should be profitable to demonstrate good stewardship of resources, whether it’s financial or human equity but the purpose of the business is what really matters. The same goes for innovation. We need to be very intentional about what and why we innovate.

An organization as well as a method that might be of interest for innovative thinking is called Systematic Inventive Thinking (SIT). They are created to help other organizations achieve their objectives through cutting-edge analysis.

SIT is used in 74 countries. Their programs help generate and implement ideas that are both pioneering and practical. They teach skills that help participants think and act differently and assist in designing the structures that will help innovation become consistent, systematic and reliable throughout the organization.

It’s time to reflect, reset and to recalibrate.

Lydia Chan is the Founder & CEO of We Are One Network International Inc., a Canadian for-profit organization serving a faith-based community.It provides a platform to inspire innovation to meet the felt needs of our society for crowdfunding and to advocate biblical values of entrepreneurship.Visit for more details.

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