Unchain Yourself With the Key of Diversity

No nationality is immune to slavery.

Yes, slavery came into focus because of the colonization of Africans who were uprooted from their homes to do hard labour in foreign countries. The black nations and communities were the ones mainly affected by its negative impact. It was a very terrible experience and still is because the after effects are still affecting and emotionally crippling for many black people.

No matter how hard we try to get rid of the scar of slavery, it will not go away. The pain will keep on easing with time, but there will always be that scar that will remind us. Unfortunately, in this time and age, some people still consciously and unconsciously refer to blacks as slaves.

I have experienced being referred to as a monkey who lives in trees. I was at the bus stop, and I asked an Asian-looking lady for direction, but instead of answering me, she walked a short distance away but within earshot, took out her phone and pretended to call someone. She was very loud as she asked her imaginary friend if they still had black slaves.

I smiled and shook my head, feeling sorry for her ignorance. Because I am black and beautiful, she was intimidated by me. She used the tactic of covering her flaws, to refer to me as a slave, thinking that she would bruise my morale, but instead, she revealed her ignorance.

The truth is, slavery is a way of thinking that can hold anyone bound, irrespective of your color, age or status. Our thoughts are the bedrock of our existence. If our minds are crippled, our lives are doomed. In this context, anybody can be a slave.

Whoever refuses to understand that no one is superior to the other is a slave to his or her mind. If a person keeps thinking negative thoughts, that person is a slave. If a person cannot get past the colour of another's skin to treat them with respect, that person is a slave.

When your mind keeps telling you that you cannot break out of an addiction, you are a slave. If your mind keeps telling you to feel sorry for yourself, instead of standing up and facing your challenges, you are a slave. When you deliberately do things to hurt others without reason, you are a slave. Anything you desire to do that will not give you, or those around you, peace is done out of a slavery mentality.

Much of the chaos in the world today is a result of fallacious thinking. You cannot live free if you have a slavery mindset. A slavish mind contains only negativity and destruction.

The way to eradicate a weak mentality is to do an overhaul of one's thinking processes. That's done by feeding the mind new information every day. Let's do ourselves a favour and seek out more positive and uplifting messages and information that will help us to grow to become better people.

It is said that to understand another person, you have to walk around in their shoes for a while. Looking from the opposite direction, can you accept how you are treating that person? If you can take what you are giving out with joy and gladness, then you are doing the right thing. But if you cannot accept what you are giving out, you know you are doing something wrong and you should desist from it.

People that are enslaved by their minds are the ones that see others as slaves. If your thoughts are good about others, you will not see others as slaves but as people who are just like you, and you will treat them with the respect they deserve.

Don't live your life in slavery but rather choose freedom by enlightening yourself, get to know people's culture, what you don't understand about a race, ask questions, and don't assume. The best way to live is free and peaceful. Say no to slavery and yes to freedom.

GRACE JOSHUA is very passionate about right living. She desires to transmit this passion to every human being around the globe, and make them aware that it is possible to choose to live right. She has a YouTube channel called INFO GENESIS, where she talks about world events and wellness which she believes summarizes the total existence of humanity. Be sure to check out her YouTube channel @ GRACE JOSHUA INFO GENESIS and subscribe. Her mantra is do unto others as you want them to do to you.

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