Leadership Essentials for Personal And Professional Growth

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Personal Leadership is the first rung on the leadership ladder. We must learn to lead ourselves before we can lead anyone else.


This requires certain skills that were not necessarily taught in our formative years, and in learning them, you will most likely debunk some old foundational knowledge.

We take you through a proven system of discovery, mental realignments, application and mastery that will change the trajectory of your life and help you to evolve into a powerful and confident individual.


We are living in a time known as the fourth industrial revolution where technology will alter the way we live, work and relate to each other.


It is putting a demand on leadership to stay ahead of the curve if they want their organizations to survive. The ones who will are those who are willing to learn, unlearn and relearn.

In this first of a two-part course, participants are taken on a journey of dissecting the leadership mindset to learn how to quickly pivot in an environment of rapid change and development.


They are motivated to reconsider, reinvent and reposition by applying disruptive thinking to specially crafted exercises and scenarios.


Whether you work for an organization or are running your own startup, an entrepreneurial mindset is what will see you through the next decade.


When you think like an entrepreneur, you push yourself to think beyond the norm and therefore set yourself up as an indispensable player in the game.

Participants will be challenged to think innovatively as a part of a global network instead of local and learn to strengthen their risk-taking muscle.


They’ll be introduced to new technologies and learn how it will affect their business models. In this course, they’ll understand that disruptive leadership really matters!


The more unpredictable the environment the greater the opportunity. Great leadership is birthed out of the most challenging crisis.


Using the backdrop of the COVID-19 crisis participants are asked to rethink the SWOT analysis for innovation in volatile situations through scenario planning exercises.


We strongly believe that leadership is inspiring greatness in others. True leaders empower others to become influential and impactful in their own lives, to their families, communities, organizations and globally.

Through a series of critical-thinking exercises, participants develop the ability to quickly identify common employee frustration issues and how to mitigate them by employing love as a tool of influence, inspiration and change, to lead diverse groups with equity.

**Available on-demand.


We are living in a world in crisis and leaders must quickly shift gears in order to adapt and maintain a consistent flow of operations.


Through crisis-related case studies and a series of outdoor exercises, participants will find their abilities stretched to really tap into their hidden leadership potential.

The theme of part 2 is Principle-centred leadership. Participants will be challenged to spontaneously galvanize a team to problem-solve uncommon situations by practically applying the principles that were discussed.

**Available on-demand.


Strategic thinkers are rule-breakers, history-makers and status-quo defiers. Less than 10% of today’s leaders have credible strategic leadership skills.


We focus heavily on developing and applying the skills that are relevant for strategic leadership through case studies, role play, simulations and varying exercises.


Participants will leave with a deep understanding of the importance of a solid long-term vision for the business or organization and how to motivate and empower their groups to buy into and implement it.

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