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Our resource library is a collection of original books, audios and videos that were thoughtfully selected for our diverse clients.


They are a great source of business knowledge, spiritual inspiration and cultural information. These powerful tools are ideal for personal, business and leadership development.

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Women comprise 50% of the workforce and are departing from gender stereotypes to take on more leadership roles, but many still face obstacles to achieving their career objectives. This failure to advance professionally has been linked to non-external factors for minority women.


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This book is an excellent resource for new and seasoned entrepreneurs that speaks to topics including leveraging your business plan for more, funding your business, operating a franchise and much more.



Having a vision gives you a sense of purpose and provides a set direction for you to go in. 

Leverage this powerful vision journal to put your life into overdrive and start preparing for your NEXT...
Having a vision gives you a sense of purpose and provides a set direction for you to go in. 



The concepts in this eBook draw inferences from faith and spirituality to bring out specific critical points in this discourse about personal leadership. It will inspire you to truly find your true identity, and make you question the reason for your existence on earth.


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How ordinary people become extraordinary leaders by understanding the importance of purpose and destiny, and harnessing the knowledge to master their inner power to strategically direct their life, relationships and business.


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In today's increasingly busy world, it is more important than ever for women to find quiet time to reflect on a higher power, draw inspiration and wisdom for daily living, and use spiritual principles to overcome challenges and struggles.

This book shares lessons and meditations that guide Christian women to carve out time every day to tap into divine power and strengthen their walk of faith.


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The collection of short stories is a touching and humorous recount of life in Jamaica. Told through the eyes of a young Kerri-Ann, readers are given a rare glimpse of the strong family values and vibrant culture, of a country noted for producing some of the world’s greatest artists, civil rights leaders and athletes.


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In this ebook, I share with you six ready-to-implement strategies that I adapted from my 20-year corporate career, and that entrepreneurs and non-profits have learned from me and have implemented to grow their own businesses.


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