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The Mindset Power Pack

Five empowering modules to shift you to another level of thought. Available in audio or DVD format.

Modules include:

  1. Stand in Your Power

  2. Unforgiveness: The Silent Poison

  3. Wake Up! You Are Responsible For Your Life

  4. The Power of Choice

  5. Beat The Blues: Think Your Way Out of Depression


Reassess. Recalibrate. Reset.

We all want to live an abundant and prosperous life and fulfil our life's purpose. Yet many people sabotage their own success. Why? Mindset. Find out how to change your mindset for success in this POWERFUL session. 


The TRUE YOU Personal Leadership Program

Your identity is the bedrock of your success, but many people are living their lives with a false identity. Where did this counterfeit identity come from? How do you rise up from it to reclaim your true self? 


Find out how to reclaim the TRUE YOU, and unlock your potential to dominate in life in this thought-provoking supplement to our leadership development program.



Mastering Your Leadership Potential

Combining qualitative analysis of interviews with public sector professionals and theoretical research I provide empirical evidence of the correlation between self-development and outstanding leadership.

Quiet Moments: Encouragement For Daily Living

I like that the author uses her personal experiences to highlight the different lessons. The reader is able to relate based on similar experiences or challenges. The chapter that spoke about humility helped me to change my perception of an individual and as a result, I was able to enjoy interacting with the person, where I wasn’t able to before.  It was a great read and one that I will continually read.  

 (Kareen G.)

A Bucket Full of Mangoes

The collection of short stories is a touching and humorous recount of the author’s childhood and adolescent years in Manchester, Jamaica.  Told through the eyes of a young Kerri-Ann, readers are given a rare glimpse of the strong family values and vibrant culture, of a country noted for producing some of the world’s greatest artists, civil rights leaders and athletes.

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