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Your Success Mindset

In this module, you will learn how to harness the power of self-awareness to consciously identify negative narratives and choose thoughts that are in alignment with your authentic desires.

Your thoughts are the seeds that create the events, conditions and circumstances of your life. Change the seeds to change the results.

Master Your Thoughts

Just as a pebble creates vibrations that appear as ripples in water, so our thoughts go out in the universe and brings to us similar vibrations that show up as the events and circumstances in our lives. Everything in the creation, or the universe, is made up of pure energy and is sending out its own individual vibrations.

Negative thoughts and emotions are the "unseen" cause that pulls to us those things we fear, that creates anxiety and the unpleasant circumstances in our physical reality. Our individual thoughts are distinct energy patters that we release every time a thought passes through our mind. They are immediately received into the atmosphere and can travel thousands of miles instantly. That means no time is needed from when they are released to when they are received and they remain ever present in the atmosphere until the opportune time for them to become your physical circumstances.

Learn to counter the negative narratives that show up when you are trying to move forward, or do something new in your life. Develop the ability to focus your thoughts on what you most desire to see it become reality. Doing this makes you a master over your thought life and gives you the ability to draw to you the prosperous, happy and abundant life that you desire and that is always available to you for the taking.

Your thoughts, beliefs and emotions are the creative seeds of your life. What does your harvest look like right now? Does your life look like what you would like it to be? Examine the scripts that are continuously playing in your mind. These are things you were taught by your parents, or you heard from friends and other family that have stuck with you over the years. Some of these scripts are the unseen and unconscious instructions that you live by. 

Have you ever heard theses sayings?

  • Money is hard to come by

  • Life is hard. It's a struggle

  • You must work hard for your money

  • Everybody can't be rich

  • Relationships don't work 

  • Etc.

These are some of the false beliefs that many people are still broadcasting through their thoughts into the atmosphere that are causing the issues in their life. Stop right now and think. What negative or false narratives do you have playing that may be holding you back in life?

Unless and until you develop your self-awareness to an advanced level to easily recognize these limiting beliefs and release the emotions attached to them, your results in life and business will never change.

These false and self-limiting beliefs blind humanity to the fact that they are WORTHY of,  and more than able to attain the unlimited resources available to them. Lack of awareness causes many people to feel helpless and unable to change their circumstances. Due to this feeling of helplessness they don't take the initiative to find the answers that are readily available to them that would minimize the effects and duration of their struggles and challenges. So they end up going through these adverse situations longer than is necessary. They "get in their own way" by allowing what they are seeing and experiencing in the physical to affect them.

You were not created to struggle through life or remain stuck in unpleasant circumstances. 

Start reprogramming your thinking with these declarations:


  1. God created me to become a limitless creator of my own life and circumstances

  2. I have everything I need. I lack nothing

  3. I am wealthy, prosperous and rich

  4. Wealth and riches are in my house. They flow to me freely, easily and from everywhere

  5. I have all the resources I need to be successful

  6. I am successful at everything I do

  7. I am powerful

  8. I am worthy

  9. I am unstoppable

  10. I will fulfill my destiny before I leave this earth.


Customer Acquisition Process

One of the biggest stressors for entrepreneurs is how to get paying customers. I will be discussing this in detail in our next group call, but here are the basics to start.

You engage with your potential clients through a process called the Customer Relationship Management Cycle. This process has three parts:


    • It takes five to seven interactions for a prospective customer to build, know, like and trust you enough to buy your product or service.​


    • Engage them in a sales conversation. This can be done in person, by phone or through digital marketing strategies​


    • When that person becomes your customer, you must have a way to retain their patronage. You do this by giving them the best customer experience though consistently providing the best service and finding ways to distinguish yourself in their minds.​

      • Anticipate their needs​

      • Deliver on what you promised

      • Celebrate their wins

      • Ask for their feedback (surveys)

      • Manage complaints and find quick solutions

We are off to a great start. We will go into more details about the CRM Cycle in our group call next week. In the interim, be sure to complete your homework from Module 1. Get all those exercises done. Its' for your benefit.

Remember we are here to serve you. So reach out with your questions or if you need clarification on anything. Love and blessings.