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Leadership Essentials to Achieve Personal and Professional Growth

Enhance your personal and professional influence by registering for our cutting edge roster of courses and workshops and gain a competitive advantage.


Our high-impact custom learning solutions are designed for a global clientele and presented by a seasoned leadership expert.


Develop your leadership skills in our LEAP program with these modules:

  1. Personal Leadership

  2. Leading With People In Mind

  3. Lead With Intention

  4. Lead With Intention II

  5. Disruptive Thinking For The 21st Century

  6. Strategic Leadership

  7. Leading Through Crisis

Take The Leap!

One of the best ways to succeed is to believe in yourself.

The Entrepreneurial Mindset is specially calibrated to embrace risk, persevere through challenges and find solutions for the toughest situations.

Want to learn how?

Register in one of our courses or workshops and learn how to become a strategic innovator and change the business landscape.

Our modules include:

1. New Venture Creation: Idea or Opportunity?

2. Crafting Your Entrepreneurial Strategy

3. Leveraging The Entrepreneurial Process

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Creative Writing Courses

Do you love to write or dream of writing your own book, poems or screenplay?

These creative writing courses are designed for new and maturing writers of any genre. Through discussion, assigned reading and writing exercises, the students will critically examine the elements of literary creation.

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