KMI 2021 Vision Design Guide

You've heard it before.

Maybe in one of my workshops or courses.

Maybe you read it somewhere...

But, you've heard it said that your vision is the Guiding Positioning System (GPS) for your life.

Or maybe you heard it this way...

He who walks through life without a vision is simply taking a stroll.

They're going nowhere in particular, just wherever their feet carry them. 

But that's no way to live. 

Choose to live your life intentionally by creating a vision for yourself, your business and your relationships.

You can do all that using my Vision Design Guide.


For a donation of only $9.99, you can leverage this powerful tool to create a generational legacy while contributing to children's education.

The proceeds go toward the KMI Scholarship for Education that serves deserving children at the Kendal All Age School in Jamaica.

Six children have benefitted from this scholarship since 2011 and have gone on to pursue collegial studies locally and in the United States.

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