Leadership is:
Inspiring Greatness in Others

True leaders are constantly learning and growing. They are concerned with leaving a legacy for future generations.

"True leaders do not seek power. They seek to empower" (Dr. Myles Munroe)

At Karlene Millwood International we are committed to empowering our global clients to create positive change in our world through personal and professional leadership development.

Mission Statement: 

To empower you to tap into your leadership potential to Step out of the Ordinary And Rise (SOAR) to new levels of greatness so you can live with authenticity and power.

Working with Karlene Millwood has changed my life. Having Karlene as my coach has taught me more about myself than I ever imagined. I was able to deal with past issues, get clarity on what I wanted in life and learned about being my true self. Now I am living authentically.  I highly recommend Karlene Millwood as a mentor and the services that KMI offer. It will be a truly life-changing experience.

Anika Anderson

I must say I am doing so much better since my meeting with you. I have contributed to group meetings and office meetings….I am speaking with more confidence and not intimidated any more.

 I am taking ACTION when it comes to my meetings…..thank you very much!

Joy Jones

I definitely feel like like I've grown a lot since my session with you. Since then I've been pretty active taking initiative to volunteer for events,  as well as sign up for career/employment counselling at an employment agency. Shifts are happening! I definitely feel like I'm making positive strides forwards, feeling positive and confident about my path.

Valerie Le

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Have you ever wondered:

What is the entrepreneurial process?

How is it different from the path to entrepreneurship?

Is my idea an opportunity for a lucrative venture?

How can I leverage my business plan apart from using it as a tool for investment?

What are the rewards of owning a franchise?

What do I really need to know about starting and running a business?

If you have, you may need my newest ebook, Entrepreneur: Putting Theory Into Practice.

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