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I'm a former corporate leader who left a six-figure technology career to become an Entrepreneur, Leadership Strategist and Filmmaker.

I am passionate about teaching you the strategies to optimize your life, monetize your abilities and passions to create multiple streams of income to build a generational legacy and expand your influence. In short, I turn ordinary people into innovative entrepreneurs and extraordinary leaders while helping you put some extra dollars in your bank account.

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Who is Karlene Millwood?

The Full Expose

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I grew up in a family where education was strongly encouraged.

I was born and raised on the beautiful and sunny island of Jamaica that has produced some of the world's leading minds in science, politics, sports and cultural activism.

My parents only had a secondary school education and knew how limiting that was for them so they pushed me to excel academically. I was one of the first in my family to pass the (then) Common Entrance Examination and win a spot at my favourite high school; Manchester High. They struggled financially to send me to school and I almost didn't graduate due to a lack of finances to pay for my final exams. A good Samaritan stepped in and offered the assistance I needed and I was able to finish my studies.

After graduation, I migrated to Canada where I studied computer science in college while working at a toy factory to pay for my tuition. Work became scarce at the factory a few months later and I got a part-time job working at the Hilton Hotel in the housekeeping department on evenings and weekends.


Corporate Experience

After college, I made my debut in leadership as a Helpdesk Supervisor at RBC Dominion Securities at 27 years old. I was still so insecure and everything in me told me I was going to fail because I didn't know what I was doing. I felt like I was too young and not ready to be in the midst of professionals of that calibre. Besides, I didn't know anything about working in finance.

Did I make mistakes? Lots. Did I fail? No. I spent three years in that position where I learned how to build and manage a team with ease. This knowledge gave me the boost in confidence that I needed to move into project management and other supervisory and management roles in different organizations. In the process, I gained an MBA from the University of Liverpool which opened up more options for me.


My expertise combined with the long-term strategic relationships which I had formed over the years, played a key role in my career success.

And then it was over.


I was an upwardly mobile career woman who had worked in the banking, telecommunications, energy and government sectors and after 20 years, I was let go from my job. It took me a while to get over the shock of that sudden decision and let go of the anger I felt afterward.



I did not waste this defining moment in my life. I decided that this would be the last time anyone made a decision for my life without my permission. This experience taught me that I should never again depend on only a career for my income. So, I pivoted to follow my passion and studied writing for film and television at the Vancouver Film School and realized that I LOVE the creative arts. 

I decided to put my leadership skills to the test as an independent playwright and filmmaker and wrote, produced and directed my first stage play in 2014, co-produced a short film in 2016 and wrote, produced, and directed my second short film in 2017. I've also been featured in various acting roles and a primetime commercial.

I know the benefits of having multiple income streams so, in addition to my production company, I launched KMI, where I teach business owners like you how to master life transitions and build your empire to leave your footprint on the planet.

My programs and courses continue to consistently attract new clients and organizations leveraging the lessons for their employees. It's my joy to inspire others to raise the bar through entrepreneurship and leadership.

My Personal Mission Statement is to create a legacy of inspiring others to rise from mediocrity to embrace their God-given abilities to dominate in their area of gifting and leave a lasting impact of progressive change, growth, and success in the lives of others.

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