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Course Overview: In a world characterized by rapid change and uncertainty, the ability to think disruptively has become a crucial skill for individuals and organizations alike. Disruptive thinking challenges conventional wisdom, encourages innovative solutions, and drives meaningful change. This course empowers participants to break free from traditional modes of thinking and embrace a mindset of creativity, exploration, and innovation. Course Objectives: 1. Understand the concept of disruptive thinking and its importance in today's dynamic landscape. 2. Develop techniques to overcome mental barriers and expand your creative thinking capabilities. 3. Learn strategies for fostering a culture of disruptive thinking within organizations. 4. Practice applying disruptive thinking principles to real-world challenges and opportunities. Who Should Attend: This course is suitable for professionals from all industries and backgrounds looking to enhance their creative thinking skills, drive innovation within their organizations, and challenge the status quo. It is particularly relevant for leaders, entrepreneurs, product managers, and anyone involved in strategy or innovation. By the end of this course, participants will have gained the knowledge, tools, and confidence to think disruptively, challenge conventional wisdom, and drive meaningful change in their personal and professional lives.

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Single Payment
Business Mentorship
CA$250/month + CA$35 Admin Fee


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