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Course Description

Duration: 3 Days

Session: Virtual or In-Person

This course delves into the multifaceted dynamics of female leadership within corporate environments. Participants explore the unique challenges women face in leadership roles and develop strategies to overcome barriers and biases. Through case studies, interactive discussions, and skill-building exercises, attendees gain insights into effective leadership styles, communication techniques, and negotiation tactics tailored to empower women in their professional journeys. By fostering a supportive learning environment and leveraging diverse perspectives, this course equips participants with the tools and confidence to drive positive change, cultivate inclusive workplaces, and advance gender equality in leadership positions.

Prerequisites: While there are no strict prerequisites, participants are encouraged to have a basic understanding of leadership principles and concepts. Familiarity with organizational dynamics and workplace challenges may also be beneficial.


Additionally, individuals who have experience or an interest in promoting gender equality and diversity in leadership roles will find the course content particularly relevant. This course welcomes participants from diverse backgrounds and experiences, aiming to provide a supportive and inclusive learning environment for all attendees.

Module 1: The Power of Self-Perception

An exploration of how identity and culture influence women's self-perception and historically manifest in the workplace. The module offers insights into how individuals' self-perceptions shape their professional identities and impact their performance in corporate settings. Through interactive activities and reflective exercises, participants delve into understanding their self-concepts, biases, and beliefs, gaining insights into how these factors influence their behaviour, decision-making, and interactions with others. This module empowers participants to harness their strengths, overcome limitations, and cultivate a positive self-image essential for personal and professional growth within the corporate landscape.

Module 2: Inspiring Excellence Through Values-Driven Leadership

This module is designed to equip corporate leaders with the essential skills and insights needed to cultivate a culture of excellence based on strong ethical principles and values. Through case studies, interactive discussions, and practical exercises, participants explore the importance of aligning leadership practices with organizational values, fostering trust, integrity, and accountability within their teams. Drawing upon ethical leadership theories and real-world examples, this module empowers participants to lead by example, inspire commitment, and drive sustainable success by prioritizing values-driven decision-making and fostering a culture of excellence throughout the organization.

Module 3: Leading With Power and Influence

This module is designed to help participants harness the dynamics of power and influence to drive organizational success ethically and effectively. Through a blend of theoretical frameworks, practical exercises, and real-world case studies, participants explore various sources and forms of power, develop strategies for building credibility and influence, and learn to navigate complex interpersonal dynamics. By honing their ability to inspire and motivate others, negotiate with stakeholders, and drive change, participants emerge equipped to lead with confidence, influence organizational culture, and achieve sustainable results in dynamic corporate environments.​

Module 4: Communication Techniques for Delegating, Negotiating and Conflict Resolution

This module will provide participants with essential communication skills for effective delegation, negotiation, and conflict resolution in diverse workplace scenarios. Through a blend of theory, practical exercises, and interactive role-playing sessions, participants will learn to articulate expectations clearly when delegating tasks, employ persuasive communication strategies to negotiate win-win outcomes, and navigate conflicts constructively to foster positive resolutions. By mastering these communication techniques, participants enhance their leadership effectiveness, strengthen team collaboration, and contribute to a culture of trust and productivity within their teams.

Module 5: Defining Your Leadership Character

Participants learn to cultivate a strong and authentic leadership identity aligned with their core values and principles. Through self-reflection exercises, interactive discussions, and practical applications, participants explore the foundational elements of leadership character. By gaining a deeper understanding of their personal strengths, weaknesses, and values, participants develop a clear vision of their leadership style and how it aligns with organizational objectives. This module empowers individuals to lead with authenticity, inspire trust and respect among team members, and effectively navigate complex leadership challenges with integrity and confidence.

Module 6: Harnessing the Power of Networking

This module equips corporate professionals with the strategies and skills needed to leverage networking as a powerful tool for professional growth and organizational success. By mastering effective networking techniques, including communication, relationship-building, and leveraging social platforms, participants enhance their visibility, credibility, and access to key stakeholders, ultimately fostering career advancement and organizational success in today's interconnected business landscape.

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