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Empowered To Thrive

Module 2 - Identity (1)

“Never forget what you are, for surely the world will not. Make it your strength. Then it can never be your weakness. Armour yourself in it, and it will never be used to hurt you.”-George RR Martin

Who are you?

When asked that question many people respond with their name. But are you really your name, or is your name only one part of your identity? Other things that influence your identity are family lineages, culture, tradition, and your environment. Who you associate with also helps to determine your identity because your life is influenced by those you most closely associate with.

Your TRUE YOU begins with God. We were made in His image and likeness and must always bear this in mind in order to maintain our true identity.  If you lose sight of this, it will be easy for others to tell you who to be or to make you over into their image. You become what you focus on, therefore keep your focus on your God-given identity. You are a reflection of God’s glory.  Remain cognizant of your true identity and no one will be able to confuse you.

When He created you, He gave you everything you need to live successfully on the earth, but you have to spend time with Him so that He can help you tap into your TRUE YOU. When you know and understand who you are intrinsically, you will be able to tap into your life’s purpose to serve humanity, transform your community and bring heaven to earth.

Exercise 2

  • What does identity mean to you?

  • What do you base your identity on?

  • Who do you identify, and associate with?

  • What impact do they have on your identity?


Use those as a basis to answer the following questions:

  1. What role does your name play in your identity?

  2. How does your family lineage impact your identity?

  3. How has culture and tradition influenced your identity?

  4. How has your environment (home, social, professional, other) shaped your identity?

  5. Who are you?

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