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Chapter 1 - Module 3

Identity (Part 2)

Empowered To Thrive

Module 3 - Identity (2)

“The value of identity of course is so often with it comes purpose.”

-Richard Grant

Your identity is the bedrock, or foundation, of your success, but who are you? Before you can become the true version of yourself, you must first know who you are now. You must be convinced of your personality and character, which includes your mindset, habits, emotions and choices. It also incorporates your strengths, weaknesses and capabilities.

You must know that you are significant, valued and important even if no one tells you. It must be deeply embedded in your psyche so that nothing can shake it. The foundation of identity has to be intact in order for the other areas of your life to work or function properly. You cannot become an effective leader until you know who you are.

Take some time to reflect on this and describe what you think are your:

  • Most endearing personality traits

  • Best physical features

  • Outstanding characteristics

  • Personal habits

  • Personal interests


When you have completed that, answer the questions in Exercise 3 below.

Exercise 3

  1. What are the roles that I play on a daily basis?

  2. Who am I outside of those roles?

  3. Do I like the person that I’ve become?

  4. Am I where I want to be in my life right now?

  5. What do I want to achieve in life?

  6. Who do I want to become?

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