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Empowered To Thrive

Chapter 2, Module 5-
Detoxing The Soul

“Our thoughts are either focused on what's eternal, life-changing, and true, or lost in the details of our temporary, selfish, false beliefs.”
― Craig Groeschel

Soul clutter refers to anything that causes internal discontent and heaviness in our hearts. These things cause us to look at life through distorted lenses and develop negative habits and behaviours that can keep us stagnant. Stagnation is total inactivity, which if not dealt with, can cause us to abort our dreams and never accomplish anything of worth in life.

Your thoughts and decisions affect your life and the people around you. Your words and choices impact your destiny, therefore your life is a representation of the total of your choices that either free or binds your soul. Your soul is the essence of your true identity. It contains your thoughts, will and emotions, therefore a healthy soul equals a healthy life.

All that a man achieves, or fails to achieve, is a direct result of his own thoughts. (James Allen).

Your life goes where your thoughts go. Your thoughts create a magnetic field around you that pulls either positive or negative things toward you. When you think about, or meditate on something it creates healthy outcomes that enhance your life or unhealthy toxins that clutter your soul. What you give mental energy to becomes attached to your soul. That means your success or failures depends on what’s in your mind.

You will never have more or accomplish more than your thoughts will allow you. Get rid of limiting thoughts, beliefs and attitudes and step into your new season. Detoxing your soul includes detoxing your life of bad relationships, disconnecting from certain associations, moving to a new place, giving up old roles and taking on new ones.

Detoxing the soul will help you to align what you say, think, do and choose with who you truly want to become by learning to get rid of impure motives and intentions, and continuously operating from a place of love.

Exercise 5

  1. Focus on how your thoughts affect your words, attitude and actions and how these in turn affect your soul.

  2. Are you sabotaging yourself, or your success, by how you think?

  3. Are you allowing people’s opinions to weigh you down and hinder you from pursuing your destiny?

  4. Are past failures holding you back from future success?

  5. Are your relationships distracting you or suppressing your greatness, significance and worth?

  6. How committed are you to your own success?

  7. Is there someone you need to forgive?

  8. Developing patience is integral to becoming your TRUE YOU. What causes you to lose patience?

  9. Envision yourself responding patiently next time you want to respond in the opposite.

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