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Empowered To Thrive

Chapter 2, Module 4 -
Building Confidence and
Knowing Your Worth

“Maturity is learning to walk away from people and situations that threaten your peace of mind, self-respect, values, morals or self-worth.” Anonymous

Change your self-image by learning who you are and knowing your worth. Understand that you are a powerfully created individual who is designed to think and operate differently than everyone else. You will never grow beyond your self-image.

Understand that the more you become your true self, the more uncomfortable some people will be with you. You will lose people on the journey who don’t understand the changes that you are going through. Others will try to pull you down or keep you at the same familiar level that they are, but you must move forward boldly.

When people don’t understand you, they will try to pull you down to their level, or reject you.  Anyone who tries to pull you down has to be in a lower position than you to do so. Maintain your high position. Never accept less than you deserve. Know your worth.

People don’t reject you because something is wrong with you. They reject you because they fear you – they fear your intelligence, power, and independent thinking. They fear you because they can’t control you or, they may not have the capacity for you.

Therefore, consider carefully who you allow into your inner circle or immediate sphere of influence. Just because people are attracted to you, doesn’t mean you automatically accept them. Be careful with whom you connect because whomever you associate with affects your destiny. What you see in your life is a direct reflection of your associations. Disconnect from anything that is decreasing your value, or distracting you from your destiny.

Knowing your purpose is a major confidence booster. Your purpose is more powerful than your problems, so never be defined by life’s circumstances. When you discover your unique gift, you become valuable to the world and you begin to attract wealth. Your value determines your wealth so know your worth.


Here are some points to consider to help in building your confidence:

  • Master your thoughts and emotions

  • Never compare your progress or abilities with another person.

  • Don’t measure your success against others. Walk your own path.

  • Never put undue pressure on yourself to perform according to anyone else’s expectations. Remember that your path is unique and only you can walk in it.

  • Never make someone a priority when you are only an option for them.

  • Base your self-worth on intrinsic values instead of external influences.


Exercise 4


The keys to living confidently are:

  • Knowing your purpose

  • Understanding your potential

  • Being aware of your resources

  • Connecting to the Source

  • Knowing your worth, or value

  • Knowing your abilities and capabilities

  • Knowing yourself and accepting that you are unique

  • Never be defined by your failures or life circumstances


  1. Provide a detailed explanation for each of how you are using them to build your self-confidence.

  2. Make a note whenever you find yourself doing, or not doing, the actions in the confidence list immediately above the exercise.

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